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About the group

About the group

This research group bringing together researchers, consultants and entrepreneurs in the specific subjects to provides in-depth analysis, news, research and perspectives on the latest educational trends.

Since 1999, Prof. Edson Luiz Riccio and a dedicated team launched “The Accounting Research in Academic courses in Brazil, the first information database to contain all dissertations and theses. 
The research quickly grew in size and scale and in 2003 the team was renamed PeCont, to reflect its breadth of content, services and ease of use by the community. Due to the increase demand of related subjects, the Accounting Education Research group was created.


Our research group is headed by Prof. Edson Luiz Riccio, Associate Professor for University of São Paulo.

The Discussion Group XBRL BRASIL by TECSI FEA USP, Brazil, joins researchers and practitioners in the discussions of XBRL - eXtensible Business Reporting Language, such as: definition, taxonomy, development, and its implementation in Brazil and in the world, its impacts and the state-of-the-art. It aims to increase the knowledge in this subject, find solutions to problems and create value.  A series of researches and events on XBRL have been developed by the coordinator of TECSI, Prof. Dr. Edson Luiz Riccio. This group makes possible the congregation, dissemination and interaction between members and all other interested parties in the subject, at the Brazilian and international level.

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