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Why is IT important?

Organizations have been in a process of transition since the industrial revolution. Quick advances in technology have changed how processes are done. Moving from the handmade to the automated model, today, almost all the tasks within a company are done with the assistance of information systems. Information Technology is an instrument for providing competitive advantage.

We understand Information Technology and Information Systems (IT) as “all of resources such as Hardware, Software, Process or Information Systems, that deal with information in the time, place and appropriate format”.

IT interferes and influences in the operation of the organizations and in their economical-financial results being a mean of businesses for any organization. The current Business Systems uses the "unique" system concepts and the company as economic entity.

As main interpretation and measurement language of the results of a company, the Accounting possesses have a strong use of IT. A good IT system is the main instrument that a company uses to know if they are making losses or profit.

Due to the intense use of IT and the importance it has in almost all the operations within a company, the study of the subject and its application is of vital importance. It is recommended for both graduate and post-graduate students to deepen their knowledge on the field.

TECSI not only encourage the development of students and professionals in the IT areas but also embraces different points of view. The goal for us is to act in an interdisciplinary fashion by interacting with international research centers, companies, students, professionals and enthusiasts of the subject. In order to achieve that goal TECSI has established several cooperation agreements with companies and institutions for the development of pappers and researchs. By fostering different points of view within the use of IT, TECSI offers a wide perspective and enriching discussions.