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What is our goal?

Develop research on:

  • Management of Information Technology and Information Systems in public and private institutions and in society in general, including public policies being used currently.
  • On the various uses of Technologies and Information Systems for international institutions, keeping a pluricultral perspective.
  • To evaluate the technology innovation in IT and IS such as XBRL, ERPs, COBIT, ITIL, Competitive Intelligence, Corporate Governance, Continuous Auditing, among others.
  • Contribute with other laboratories and institutions within and outside USP in multidisciplinary subjects.
  • Publish new findings, acquired through research, in each key area for business and academic community through JISTEM Magazine, courses, publications, scientific events and lectures.
  • Promote Seminars and Conferences on Technology and Information Systems, Accounting and Management thus contributing in making public new knowledge and research developed by academics and professionals in Brazil and abroad.