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Professional Activities

J.I. Case do Brasil - de 1973 a 1981

Professor at FEA USP - de 1981 - atual

Consultor Cummins Brasil S.A. - de 1981 a 1991

  • General Manager of Informatics and Administration
  • Member of the Company's Quality
  • General Manager of Systems and Data Processing

Frigorífico Wilson do Brasil - de 1970 a 1973

  • Head of Systems and Methods Department

Banco Mercantil de São Paulo - de 1968 a 1970

  • Head of Organization and Methods Department

Academic Formation

  • Post Doctorate - Universidade de Umea, Suécia, 2003
  • Associate Professor in Accounting and Accounting from FEA/USP - 2001.
  • Thesis: Effects of Information Technology in Accounting: Case Study of Implementation of Integrated Business Systems - ERP
  • Doctor of Business Administration from FEA/USP
  • Thesis: "A Contribution to the Study of Accounting and Information System" - 1989.
  • Master in Business Administration from FEA/USP
  • Dissertation: "Security in Data Processing" - 1981.
  • Bachelor of Accounting Sciences by FEA/USP - 1974
  • Bachelor in Business Administration at FEA / USP - 1969.
  • Specialization Courses Abroad
  • Highlight: "Executive Program" from the Graduate School of Business - STANFORD UNIVERSITY - 1989.

CV Sumary

Associate professor FEA- University of São Paulo (2001) , Ph.D. in Business Administration from the University of São Paulo (1989 ), Post- doctorate from Umea Universitet, Sweden (2003) Specialization by Stanford University - USA (1989), Masters in Business Administration at University of São Paulo (1981), Graduate in Management from the University of São Paulo (1969), Graduate in Accounting from the University of São Paulo (1974) , Undergraduate of Music by Carlos Gomes Conservatory of Music (1961) and (1963). Current professor at RDIDP in the University of São Paulo , CCInt President, International Cooperation Committee at FEA / USP, Director of TECSI : Laboratory of Technology and Information Systems, FEA / USP, JISTEM Editor: Journal of Technology Management and Systems Information, Coordinator of the International Conference on Information Systems and Technology Management - FEA/USP, Member of AIS : Association for Information Systems, Member of the Editorial Board of the Association of Electronic Professors of Accounting and Administration of Mexico AC, Member Team of Consultants at RAC: Journal of the National Association of Graduate Studies and Research in Administration, Member of the Scientific Committee of the International Conference on Enterprise and Accounting Systems (Greece), Member of the Scientific Board of the Annual Conference on Joint- Venture Management in Emerging Countries (France) , Member of ISACA - Information Systems Audit And Control Association, Member of the Intergovernmental Working Group of Experts of International Financial Reporting Standards (UNCTAD, Geneva). He has experience in Administration with emphasis in Management of Technology and Information Systems. Operates on the following subjects: Information Systems, Information Technology, Accounting, ERP, Enterprise Information Systems, Accounting Information Systems, Information Science, International Management & Information Systems Education and Research and Administration.

Subjects of research, completed or in progress

  • Economic and financial impact on organizations which have downsized in IT
  • Integration between Accounting Information Systems and Industrial Automation
  • Outsourcing in Accounting and Controlling
  • The Use of Information Technology in Accounting
  • Use of Accounting Information in the process of management and decision making
  • Evolution of the Comptroller in Business Administration
  • Information systems costs - development and use of Information Technology
  • Information Technology for Economic and Financial Management of Enterprises. EIS, DataWarehousing, OLAP, etc.
  • Controls and Security in Information Technology.