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Accounting for non-accountants - The Accounting Information System



Basic Information

Date: March 2, 2013

Time: Full Time from 08h30 to 17h30

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Hourly Load: 8 hours 


Show the importance of accounting in the business world and enable an understanding of financial statements and reports by those who are not accountants.

Target audience

Controllers, accountants, financial managers, professionals in the areas that are interested in increasing their knowledge in the use of these instruments, as well as students of business, economics, accounting, engineering and others.


Expository sessions, practical exercises with application for fixation of technical concepts.

It is necessary that the participant bring a simple calculator.


  • The accounting in business
  • Accounting as information system
  • Basics
    • Active
    • Liabilities
    • Net worth
    • Sources of Equity
    • Equation Heritage
  • Basic Accounting Procedures
    • Factors that influence the formation of the sale price
    • Training and purpose of the mark-up
  • Management of profit margins
    • The double-entry method
    • Accounting entries accounts with assets, liabilities and Pat. net
    • Books and records ancillary
  • Financial statements
    • Balance Sheet
    • Statement of Income
    • DLPA and DMPL


Will be given proof of participation.

Investment and financing conditions

The total investment is R$ 560.00 in cash or in two (2) parcels totaling R$ 280.00 each. Make your pre-registration here. Due to limited capacity, we suggest you do your pre-registration for the seminar. Subsequently will be sent an email confirming the pre-registration together with information and deadline for payment. If I wanted to cancel your registration, send e-mail to (alternate email To learn more call: (11) 3091 5820 r. Or 190 (11) 9812-9600 or contact with Prof. Edson Luiz Riccio by Email: (alternate email