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Em 2012


ICT4DEVIS – International Launching 

Information and Communication Technologies for Development International School - A bridge between technology and development


Danilo Piaggesi, Managing Director of the Fondazione Rosselli Americas (FRA).

Edson Luiz Riccio, Associate Professor of Information Systems at the University of São Paulo (USP) at São Paulo, Brazil.

Walter Castelnovo, Department of Theoretical and Applied Sciences University of Insubria, Italy.

Invited Speaker; Professor Linamara Rizzo Battistella, State Secretary for the Rights of the Persons with Disabilities – São Paulo State Government - São Paulo, Brazil.


There is a widely shared expectation that ICTs can help fostering development in the least developed countries (LDC); thus contributing to reduce, if not solve, some of the world’s most severe challenges to human well-being and development. ICTs are considered by ICT4DEVIS the most promising tool to help peoples and countries leapfrog from low-access and low-income situations to knowledge-based markets that bring about greater inclusion and more immediate opportunities to make socio-economic gains. Harnessing ICTs to achieve this result is not an easy matter; it requires the understanding of a multitude of disciplines and fields, from moral and ethics, cultural differences, politics, sociology, systems thinking, finance, project management and, of course, the world of the Knowledge Society and related Economy with their evolving and convergent issues. Students coming out of traditional academic courses who want to engage in a professional career devoted to international development are not likely to possess all the skills required to cope with these complexities. University education has a tendency to greater and greater specialization, while development work is becoming ever more complex and inter-disciplinary. Mainstream academic education in this field would benefit from supplementary training aimed at rounding up a student’s education with practical, job-related, additional capacity-building, for the purpose of improving their effectiveness in a development context.


This is the aim of the ICT for Development International School (ICT4DEVIS) that is conceived as a hands-on, practice oriented, cross-cultural and multi-disciplinary course intended for students and practitioners who want to pursue a professional career in deploying ICT as a means for international development.

ICT4DEVIS is a joint initiativeof Fondazione Rosselli Americas (FRA), USA; Università dell’Insubria, Italy; Universidade de São Paulo (USP), Brazil. Other Universities and Institutions have confirmed their interest in joining ICT4DEVIS, among which, as of February 2012, are:

·         Dongguk University, Korea.

·         Universidad del Rosario, Colombia.

·         Ghana-India Kofi Annan Centre of Excellence in ICT, Ghana.

·         Monterrey Institute of Technology and Higher Education, Mexico.

All these institutions have been involved in the discussion and development of the initial project of ICT4DEVIS in a collaborative effort enabled by the online platform AKNOS (e-Academy for Knowledge Society), a  virtual communication platform, jointly developed and managed by the Research Center “Knowledge and Service Management for Business Applications” of the University of Insubria and Fondazione Rosselli. ICT4DEVIS will be shaped by contributions from a hand-picked cluster of high-level academic, and NGO institutions around the world, fueled by a will to excel in their respective academic contexts, and willing to engage in an innovative process that will use all the benefits of the existing technology to develop what could be a new model for academic course design and implementation. ICT4DEVIS will work under a hubs and spokes” system, giving the students the possibility to attend the school, at different locations worldwide, from their own academic bases but in direct contact with the School and with each other.



Dr Edson Luiz Riccio is an Associate Professor of Information Systems at the University of São Paulo (USP) at São Paulo, Brazil, where he also serves as Chairman at the International Cooperation Office FEA/USP, and Director of TECSI - Laboratory of Technology and Information System. Dr Riccio holds a PhD and Master of Science degree in Business and Associate professorship in Information Systems from the University of São Paulo, at São Paulo, Brazil, and SEP from Stanford University, USA. His recent research focuses the use of Information Technology, such as ERP, in different corporate settings. He carries out research work on Education in Latin America, Brazil and Europe. Dr Riccio has contributed with articles to several academic conferences in the United States and Europe. He is an Advisory Committee Member for the Asian Pacific Conference on International Accounting Issues. Riccio´s past experience includes his position as CIO for JI Case Com pany Brazil and Cummins Diesel Company, Brazil and other large multinational companies in Brazil.


Danilo Piaggesi is Managing Director of the Fondazione Rosselli Americas (FRA) and a member of Fondazione Rosselli’s Board. FRA focuses on Knowledge Society, ICT and innovation for development. His professional training is in remote sensing; digital image processing and analysis; technical cooperation project formulation and appraisal; telecommunications and ICT, innovation and Knowledge Society for development. He was Knowledge Economy Coordinator in the Vice Presidency of the Inter American Development Bank (IADB), in Washington D.C, from 2007 to 2009 and Chief of the Information and Communication Technology for Development Division (ICT4DEV) at the IADB, from 1999 to 2007.Mr. Piaggesi also consulted for the European Union in Brussels, evaluating project proposals for funding in the field of telecommunications and environment and worked for the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) at different duty stations in Africa and Latin America in the field of technology transfer for development.


Walter Castelnovo, PhD., is Assistant Professor of Information Systems and Organization at the University of Insubria (Italy). His research interests concern technological and organizational innovation in Public Administration and Interorganizational Information Systems. He is one of the founders of the Research Center for “Knowledge and Service Management for Business Applications” of the University of Insubria and he is member of the Scientific Committee of the “Interdepartmental Center for Organizational Innovation in Public Administration” of the University of Milan. He served as member of the committee for many international conferences on E-Government and ICT evaluation and he is the General Chair of The 5th European Conference on Information Management and Evaluation, that will be held in 2011 at the University of Insubria. He is also member of the Department of Institutional Reforms, E-Government and Institutional Federalism of the Association of the Municipalities of Lombardia (Italy).



Linamara Rizzo Battistella, MD, PhD, State Secretary for the Rights of the Persons with Disabilities – São Paulo State Government - São Paulo, Brazil.  Honorary President of the International Society of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine - ISPRM (2008-2012).  Member of the Board of Governors of Brazilian Association of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation - ABMFR (2008-2010).  Professor at the Medicine School, University of São Paulo.  Main Publications:  149 articles published in periodicals; 8 published or organized books; 42 published book chapters.

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